Click-through service for Researchers

Simply making use of the CrossRef REST API should be sufficient if you are only interested in accessing the full text of articles from participating:

  1. Open access publishers
  2. Subscription-based publishers who permit text and data mining as part of their standard subscription license

Some publishers require that users sign an additional license for text and data mining purposes. The click-through service allows these publishers to provide click-through text and data mining licenses for researchers. The service, in turn, provides the researcher with a Client API Token which they can use with their text and data mining tools in order to “show” that they have accepted an appropriate license.

You can easily register with the click-through service using your existing ORCID credentials. if you do not have an ORCID profile, you will need to create one before using the service.

Once you have registered, you can review, accept, and reject the licenses that have been registered by participating publishers. Afterwards, you can use the Client API Token which will be provided in order to allow publishers to verify that you have agreed to an appropriate license.

Using the Client API Token

Once you have accepted/rejected relevant click-through licenses, you can simply use the include the Client API Token in all of your full text requests to publishers web sites through an HTTP header called CR-Clickthrough-Client-Token. Publishers who don’t require a special text and data mining license will just ignore the HTTP header and publishers who do require a separate text and data mining license can use the provided token to check with CrossRef to see if an appropriate license has been accepted.

So, for example, the following curl command uses both the CrossRef REST API and the Client API Token from the click-through service:

curl -k -H "CR-Clickthrough-Client-Token: hZqJDbcbKSSRgRG_PJxSBAx" "" -D - -L -O

The publisher will use the provided token to see if you have accepted an appropriate license. The site should grant you access to the full text if:

a) You are accessing the site from a subscribed organisation
b) You have accepted an appropriate license